HASTHIP® 346pcs Journal Supplies Kit Vintage Scrapbook Stickers Pack

HASTHIP® 346pcs Journal Supplies Kit Vintage Scrapbook Stickers Pack

Best Scrapbook to Showcase Your Memories

Life is all about memories. Each day comes up with new challenges and memories. Some of you might have an interest in storing these memories so that you can remember and re-live in the old memories. Well, there are different ways through which you can easily save memories, such as digital photo albums or vacation jars. One of the most creative way is building a personalised and unique scrapbook.

Whether you want to add colour or texture, or if you want to have some new scrapbooking inspiration, we have got a beautiful product for you. If you are also looking to buy a decorating Scrapbook sticker pack, you must take a few minutes to understand why you should opt for our Vintage Scrapbook Stickers pack.

What is a Scrapbook?

A scrapbook is an album where you can store your precious and beautiful memories. You can store the memories through notes, drawings, old ticket stubs, or other ephemeral things that might be important to you. 

The best part about maintaining a scrapbook album is adding a personalised touch or design per your favourite theme, colours, personality, etc. It is one of the best ways to sparkle your inner creativity and make your DIY craft activities more stunning and exquisite. 

Vintage Scrapbook Stickers Pack

Our vintage scrapbook stickers pack comes with a

  • A6 grid notebook with 256 pages
  • Vintage poster book cover
  • PET sticker X 8 sheets (179 pc X 8)
  • Note paper X 60 (3 types X 20)
  • Envelope X 2 (5.1in*3.34in)
  • Scrapbook paper sheets X 20 (10 sheets: 6.5in X 3.15; 5 sheets: 5.9in X 5.9in; 5 sheets: 8.34in X 6.3in)
  • Folding laber*10 (6.6in*1.77in)
  • Cards X 15
  • Paper photo frame X 5
  • Calendar stickers X 31
  • Washi tape X 2 (0.4in X 78.8in)

This kit has covered everything that you need!

This moonlight washi paper material scrapbook sticker is of proper hardness that helps to leave an adequate hardness for better decoration and provides you with timeless beauty. 

Creative Ideas for Using Vintage Scrapbook Stickers Pack

Scrapbooking is a personal and unique way to store and highlight your favourite memories. With access to text decorations, stickers and glitters at your fingertips, you can give your photos a life of their own. 

As the possibilities of creating a scrapbook are endless, starting a scrapbook can be an overwhelming situation. Some of the unique ways through which you can present your photos and memories in the most remarkable ways are as follows;

  1. Give shapes to photos. 
  2. Use an envelope for bits and bobs.
  3. Embroid your journey.
  4. Create your own visual photo grid.
  5. Add stickers and your own personalised notes.
  6. Add ribbon and decorative items. 

Time to Create Long-Lasting Memories

If you or your friend is a die-hearted fan of vintage stuff for not just journaling but even pen palling, then you must go for these vintage sticker sets of various elements. Our vintage scrapbook sticker is a great way to make your DIY crafts activities more exquisite and stunning. Our product will surely not disappoint you. Hurry up and place your order now!

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