HASTHIP DIY 5D Diamond Painting

HASTHIP DIY 5D Diamond Painting

Decorate Your Home With Cross-Stitch Diamond Painting

5D diamond painting is a creative and entertaining art activity for young and old artisans. The diamond painting uses small resin drills that resemble diamonds on the printed canvas, making it similar to cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers for producing a shiny mosaic piece of art. 

If you love experimenting with various DIY art and craft activities, then you must take advantage of our cross-stitch 5D diamond painting for home wall decor.

Full Drill Rhinestone Embroidery 5D Diamond Painting

Our 5D diamond painting by-number kit comes with beads that cover the whole picture and make it shinier. If you have enough time and patience, then this diamond painting is surely for you. 

It comes with round-bottom magic cube diamonds with 18 faceted features and a highly clear printing oil canvas. It can also enhance hands-on ability, remove boredom and may deliver a bonding experience for the family. It requires minimal effort and can be a great source for relaxation and stress relief.

How to Get Started With 5D Diamond Painting?

Getting started with 5D diamond painting is not a difficult task. You just have to follow some basic steps; the rest depends on your imagination skills to create an appealing and beautiful painting.

Ready to create a 5D diamond painting? Let’s discuss how you can get started with a 5D diamond painting.

  • First, you have to decide the colour you would like to start with and pour some of those diamonds into your painting tray.
  • Get the diamonds on the tray with their flat side facing downwards and then pick your applicator pen and dip the tip into the wax.
  • Push the tip onto the round side of the diamond to pick it up. 
  • Remove the protective film from the canvas and press the diamond onto the corresponding symbol. 
  • Keep repeating this process to complete the design. 
  • After placing down the last diamond, cover the canvas with plastic film and roll up your design with the help of a rolling pin. It will ensure that all the diamonds are secure and properly adhered to the canvas. 

Ready to Craft a 5D Diamond Painting?

If you have enough time and patience, and love to attempt a challenging task, then this DIY embroidery cross stitch 5D diamond painting is totally for you.

  • Complete Drill: The beads fully cover the painting, adding glitter and shine.
  • Super Flashed Diamonds: This painting comes with magic cube diamonds with an oval bottom and 18 magic faceted portions, making them shine and sparkle. 
  • Long-Term Safeguarding: With its environmental hot melt adhesive, waterproof canvas, and never fading drills, which makes it last long for more than 20 years.

Enjoy Your Spare Time With 5D Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is an entertaining and calming hobby. Creating a 5D diamond painting will allow you to utilise your spare time effectively and help you decorate your home wall with a beautiful 5D diamond painting.

Move to our inventory and check out the curated features of this 5D diamond painting kit we have built. We will surely not disappoint you. 

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